Treat Yourself. Forget Asceticism

I know that many people want a better life. Most of us, actually. I was there a few times. Thankfully, I remembered how I managed to have a beautiful life before I took to self-flagellation, figuratively or literally.

Remember, we’re all Children of God. We all deserve joy and love. We really do. If you don’t believe that, go and take a walk. Look at the sunset. Listen to a dog barking. Bake a cake. Start realizing that you deserve a life that is a joy to live, not a penance to endure. Many religious people love God but forget that suffering wasn’t part of God’s original plan.

Treat yourself. You need not become egotistical in order to do so. But treat yourself, all the same. Cuddle up on the couch with a good book. Take a nice hot bath with scented Epsom salts. Schedule a massage on demand at home and enjoy the feeling of relieving muscular tension. Take out your old college paint set and paint something. Remember what it’s like to FEEL like you’re worth something. You’re worth it.

I’m not telling you to buy into any New Age garbage. Just realize you are worthy of God’s love. And, also, this isn’t meant to be a religious blog. It’s meant to simply re-orient you to what life is. If you are atheistic, think of it this way: Life is not to be endured, it’s to be lived. If you want to take God out of the picture, that doesn’t mean you will miss the point.

Giant Bathtub by Erico Nicole by CC

All the effort in the world can’t get you there. But remember the feeling of when your parents hugged you? Remember what it was like on Christmas morning? The day of your Bat Mitzvah? Graduation day? Your first date with that cute boy in high school? That feeling of anticipation, of newness, of infinite possibility? Yeah; that feeling. That’s where you want to be. even if you’re’ eighty.

I’m trying to help you. Are you getting it yet? It’s a certain feeling, a certain perspective. A certain knowledge, a certain understanding. Life can be anything. It’s an open book. Make your story a story that you can bear. There may be twists and turns, but any good plot has that. Remember to write a story day by day that where you are free. Free to be yourself, free to pursue your true destiny.

By now, you should KNOW I’m a Reality Queen. I make life happen. God gave us all this ability, but few of us use it.

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